Croissant, coffee and orange juice.

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How do you start a Business Trip?  Well mostly with a quick breakfast before you take the plane to somewhere.  In this case I was at the airport in Malaga, going back to Frankfurt.  I had booked a flight with Ryan Air that means I had to rush to the airport in the early morning to check in and get the only flight that day around 7:00.

I was on the mood for a combo… and that meant a croissant, a coffee and orange juice.  I must say the orange juice was fantastic, that is the least you expect from a country exporting tons of fruits to the world.  Not to mention that the pet of the soccer world cup Spain organized was an orange,  “Naranjito”.  Coffee was not bad and the croissant was delicious. For a picture made with a Blackberry, I love it.

That was not the first time I flew from Malaga back to Germany.  The first time I was in that lovely place I had to attend a Team Building Seminar and also I had the chance to test the worst hamburger in the universe.  I was hungry and even if my team colleagues did not stop making funny faces and criticizing my meal I decided to enjoy it.  Since I plan to use this blog only to make reference to positive experiences I will not mention where that mediocre hamburger was purchased, but the little story that happened after makes it a nice story to tell.  While I was eating the “thing” my colleagues were totally surprised about my choice and about the price I paid for such a bad food.  What can I say? I was in the need for meat.  One of my colleagues did even take a picture of the burger which unfortunately I can’t show because he left the company much before I had the idea to write about that experience.  After I finished my meal, I decided to walk a little bit in the duty free area; there I met two of the trainers who were in charge during our event.  One of them asked me what I was carrying on my back.  It was my travel guitar which I take some times with me during long business trips in order to practice at the hotel.  It’s an Aria Sin Sonido, a silent guitar you can play with head phones to avoid disturbing other hotel guests, you can also disassembly the guitar and put it in a long etui.  The lady and the other trainers had made a bet; they thought I was Muslim and that I had my praying carpet rolled inside the etui.  I laughed and showed my guitar.  The trainer told me then “we were pleased to see how you kept your cool when you were eating even if you were surrounded by all those people complaining and saying negative things about your food”  she complimented my patience, then we walked together to the gate, boarding had started.

Mario Alvarez

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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    Nice post, I like also the combination of Croissant, Coffee and Orange Juice.



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