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My Colleague Pierre and I had to visit a customer to test one material for the fourth time in two years.  That customer was taking long before he decided to buy.  The first tryals were quite intriguing because every time Pierre and I had visited the customer everything went well.  You know it was like when the mechanic checks your car and every thing works, but once the guy leaves all the little problems show up again.  The customer is located somewhere close to Dole in the south center of France, a little town called Foucherans.  I had been on the road for about four hours, and I arrived one hour before the meeting.  It was midday so I decided to look for a place to have lunch.  I was not expecting very much because I did not know the town very well and during the las visit the owner of the company took us to a steak house and there the food taste was too “Standard”  to me, that place was not an option.  I had seen a McDonalds somewhere before  I arrived to the town and I started to look for it,  cheap and quick.   I left Foucherans and drove into another little town, Tavaux.  On the main street some Restaurant shields were displayed and I decided to take the risk on one of them.  I stopped at the “Restaurant de l’Union”.


I entered the place and was warmly received by two waitresses.  They looked exhausted, lunch time was almost over.  A table was prepared for me and one of the nice ladies told me that I could take the Menu of the day, first I had to try the buffet of starters, and then I could choose between a veggie lassagna and a “Jarret d’Agneau” a lamb shank.    When I got to the buffet bar it was almost empty.  A troop of bikers was finishing their lunch when I arrived and had left few for the late guests.  I rescued a slice of “Terrine de lapin” (rabit terrine),  a slice of Quiche Loraine (an egg-bacon pie) both absolutely delicious!!! and I accompanied that duo with some russian salad.  I was felling a little bit sleepy because I took the road quite early so I ordered a Coke.  I know I know, I’m sorry, for all my french friends combining Coke with any meal is not very “delicat” but I needed the caffeine.


When I finished my “entrée” I heard the waitress discussing with a lady.  The lady arrived two minutes after me and I was going to get the last Jarret d’Angneau, she was complained about that.  That woman was not very  polite other wise I would have considered changing my course for her lassagna but I decided to enjoy my luck, and I did.  That peace of lamb was fantastic, that flavour and the consitency, the gravy, everything was at it’s best point.

Jarret d'agneau Tavaux

Finally it was time for the dessert.  I decided to go for something not that heavy, “Riz au lait” (rice with milk).  In my country Mexico this is a quite simple dessert, but in this restaurant it was a real bomb.  The rice and milk combination was a little bit dry but only to give the whole some mechanical stability because it was served like a piece of cake, filled with raisins and covered with fine almond slices and toped with caramel.   See the picture and imagine the flavor.

rice with milk Tavaux

If you are lost one day close to Tavaux, I can only reccomend that you try the Special of that day in this surprisingly good restaurant.  The price of this Business Trip Meal was absolutely reasonable 14,5€.  How can you find it, well I will create one day a database with all the restaurants I have visited and found worth the visit.  Meanwhile you can read the address on the menu, sorry for the image quality, I only had my blackberry with me.

Wish you had been here, wish you will one day.

Menu of the day tavaux

Mario Alvarez

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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