Espresso Machine Collection

One of the basic components of a Business Trip Meal in Europe is coffee.  At the end of each meal you will ask for a coffee and most of the time it will be an espresso you will be offered.  Be it in Italy, France or Spain,  there is 99% chance that a strong espresso will be the last element of your meal.  During one of my business trips to Barcelona I was fooling around in the mall called L’Illa, located on the “Avenida Diagonal”.  In that mall from time to time are presented nice expositions about different subjects.  One day I saw a very nice collection of old-timer cars but in this occasion the exposition was about coffee machines.   I saw all different kinds of coffee machine models but those which kept my attention were the espresso machines.  The light conditions were not the best but let me share the pictures I took from part of the nice private collection from Blai Farré.

I’m not an expert in espresso machines, so I did not dig in the details, I just let the reflexions on the chrome dazzle me.  I invite you to do the same. Enjoy.


Mario Alvarez

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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