Trip Mannheim-Arzignano-Milan-Nürnberg

The first trip of the year started on a sunday evening.  Sometimes it is better to drive long distances in short segments.  The first night of the journey I stayed at the BigBox hotel in Kempten.  On my way I stopped at a “Tankstelle” to have dinner, Frikadelle und Gemüse (german meat ball and grilled vegetables).

Frikadelle Business Trip Meal

On monday I needed to be awake to drive eventuelly on frozen asphalt.  I went to the coffee station as a first breakfast action.  There was a good buffet and I packed enough energy for the next five hours drive to Vicenza.

??? cof ??? ??? ???

As expected some segments of the road were covered with ice. Driving turned into a stressful exercise.  Snow is magic though.

??? ???

The reward was waiting at the restaurant Al Campanile, where I met the italian sales man.  This time I had Tortellini, Baccalá with polenta and I also reloaded the coffee battery.

??? ??? cof

At the end of the working day I met another colleague and we had dinner at the Ristorante L’Agorà near Milan in Assago, there we discovered a nice white wine Ribolla Giallia Kurtin. I had octopuss salad, grilled fish and vegetables.  I was forced to close with mille foglie.

??? ??? ??? ??? ???

On tuesday before knocking next customers door we made a stop to comment our presentation. I completed breakfast with a crostino and a Capuccio.

Crostino Business Trip Meal

On the road, driving back home that day in the evening I stopped to load some gas and could not help buying Italian chips.

Italian Chips Business Trip Meal

I crossed Switzerland and arrived to Bregenz, my next scale.  At the Mercure Hotel you can enjoy a quite decent Wiener Schnitzel and refreshing German beer.

??? ???

Early on wednesday another long drive in direction of Nürnberg awaited me. I took the road early and had breakfast at a Bistro Rast Park in Aichstetten.
It was very German.  While walking to my  car I noticed a Tesla charging area.  The switch to electric ist on!

??? ??? ??? ???

In Nürnberg I took a walk to stretch my legs and was looking for some local food for lunch.  Ironically I found a mexican restaurant, the Enchilada

??? ??? ???

Of course it was a marketing trick, I ordered a burger.  It was good.

I went quite late for dinner to the Zum Spiessgesellen. I had been there before and I knew food is made on a  good regional way.  My hotel was close to the house of Albrecht Dürer.  Fascinating historical architecture.

??? ??? ??? ???

The last day of the trip breakfast at the Dürer Hotel had also some Bavarian notes.

??? ???

On the last highway segment I closed the trip on a low note at Bürger King.  Life ist hard some times.

Burger King Business Trip Meal

Mario Alvarez

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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