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This is a post I owed my dear friend Dirk, who is a member of our community, since long time, a couple of years to be more precise.  The pictures I show are from a visit to the restaurant Barceloneta.  Dirk and I had visited a customer in Catalunya to discuss the technical issues of a project.  At the end of the meeting we invited our contact person for dinner.  Dirk picked me up at my hotel which was close to las Ramblas in Barcelona and we took a Taxi to get to the restaurant but since we were early we asked the driver to let us step down so we could take a walk to the place.

The restaurant is huge and seems to be always crowded.  We sat at our table and were proposed a “cañita” while we  waited for our guest.  It was a German Pilz, a Radeberger

The customer arrived and we ordered different specialties to share.  That is a nice feature in Spain, you can always ask to have your food “al medio para picar”  at the middle of the table to allow everyone to pick a bit of whathever is served.

The Raimat, a Cava Brut  was cold, in a very warm summer day just perfect.

Since the pictures were taken long time ago I have to look deep in my brain to remember the name of the dishes.  Dirk, if I write something wrong let me know and I will correct.

The first plate was a salmon carpaccio with avocado

The second one were anchovies in oil.

You get toast covered with tomato and garlic to go with the food, typical in Catalunya.

Later arrived a tuna salad

And pulpo con patatas a la brava, octopus with spiced potatoes

We closed with a tuna steak

Dessert was Hazelnut ice cream

The flavor festival had been great, the conversation too.  We walked our customer to his taxi and decided to walk back to the hotel to settle the food.

It was a great dinner, as you can see on the link above the restaurant is still there and if you visit Barcelona it is really worth having dinner at that place.

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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