Cucina Mantovana! You have luck, said the taxi driver.

Don’t you love when a business trip begins on Sunday afternoon?  No? Me neither.  In this occasion a combination of events forced me to take a plane on Sunday at seven in the evening from Frankfurt to Milan.  That means you start to think about going to the airport after lunch and you understand that your weekend will be half a day shorter.  With that kind of negative thinking you can only attract negative things.  And it happened to me.  Since I was landing late in Milan I decided to use a taxi instead of renting a car.  The taxi driver was not happy to learn that I was only going to Legnano some 15 kilometers from the airport and he tried to charge me double the rate inventing some story.  He did not succeed because I know the area and the rates but he tried until the last minute to get more money than the taximeter was showing at the end of the ride.

This experience put me in a very bad mood and I had a mediocre sleep.  But in the morning something funny put me again in a positive mode.  Look at the first picture.  It’s from a regular Italian hotel breakfast.  But what is uncommon?  Can you see it?

Latte Machiato

Yes!  My latte macchiato was served in a Habanna Club glass! one of my favorite Rums!  I decided this was a sign to change my attitude and I started to smile to everything and it worked.  I had booked another taxi to go from the hotel to the customer plant located in Verderio Superiore.  The driver was a neatly dressed guy with good manners, well-educated and was driving a very comfortable full equipped black Lancia Thema with leather seats.  I enjoyed particularly the Bose sound system and the driver’s good jazz selection.  To my surprise the cost for that ride was absolutely reasonable and nobody tried to empty my wallet.

When we approached Verderio it was lunch time.  I told the driver that when I was looking for the address of the customer on Google maps I had seen that there was a restaurant some five hundred meters forward.  He drove a couple of minutes before we found the place.

Ristorante da Remo

We read the shield and the driver exclaimed “Cucina Mantovana, you have luck!”  And it was the case.  A smiling waitress showed me a free table and with no need of a menu listed verbally the choice of dishes.  To start with a “primo piato” I decided to go for the “Pasta a la rustica, ragu basilico e panna”  This particular shape of pasta is called radiatore, radiator .

Radiatore, ragu e panna

The second course, “il secondo” was great “Filetto di maiale arrosto con salsa del pepe verde e biselli con prosciutto e pomodorini”, Roast pork tenderloin with green pepper sauce and bevels with ham and cherry tomatoes.

Arrosto di Maiale

The homemade flavor was really, really, nice, and the waitress was very kind to tell me the precise name of each meal and was not bothered because I took notes and pictures with my smartphone.

I decided to leave after the main course because I was running out of time before my meeting but the waitress convinced me to try a particular dessert.  “Salami di cioccolato”, chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures so I decided to go for it, this version was a nice discovery for me.

Salami di cioccolato

As usual I had coffee before I went to the cashier to pay.  There the maître saw I was picking a business card of the restaurant from the desk and he suddenly handed me another ten.  “send us your friends and colleagues” he said.  That’s what I’m doing right now somehow.

Ristorante da RemoRistorante da Remo 02


After my visit the same driver took me to the airport in Linate.  This time we listened to some Italian opera arias and I enjoyed the massage function of the car backseat.  If you go around Milan and need a taxi call my friend.

Vip Taxi Milan

I checked in, dropped my suit case and went to the cafeteria in the duty free area. I ordered a sandwich with zucchini, ham and mozzarella.  There I made another personal discovery,  Nastro Azzurro beer, loved it.

Nastro Azurro

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