Verona, Il Pompiere (the fire fighter)

The follow up for a project needed that I spend a couple of days near Verona.  A business trip meal was programmed in order to have all people involved to discuss the next steps.  My plane had some delay so I had to take a cab after my colleagues had left from the hotel to the meeting point.  While I was waiting for the taxi to arrive I was wondering about the origin of a spectacular huge painting which hangs at the reception close to a big black piano.  Here the picture, references anybody?


The meeting point was in the downtown of Verona, quite close to the house of Juliet.

Verona Down Town

When I met my partners they had just had some aperitif in a bar close to the down town.  We walked for some minutes to find the location of the restaurant.  Our local sales representative had chosen the place.  It was funny, the restaurant’name was the fire fighter, quite convenient considering the situation of the project we were going to deal with next morning.

Al Pompiere 01Al Pompiere


As we got our table, we took a look to the menu and ordered.  To start calming the thirst we got sparkling water, San Pelegrino, it was the Luciano Pavarotti edition.  This restaurant has a corner dedicated to prosciutto, the fantastic Italian ham.  The responsible to cut and serve this specialty allowed me to take a couple of pictures.  The light conditions where poor and the picture is hazy but the feeling is there so I posted this image anyway.  The waiter recommended the red wine, a Domenico Fraccaroli.

San Pellegrino

Prosciutto cornerRed Wine Verona

The starter arrived.  A huge plate with different sorts of hams, a “affettato misto”.

Affettato Misto

Bread cannot be forgotten to go with the ham.

Bread Verona


This is how that meal started.

Affettato Misto 02

The next course was quite interesting, starting with the name, “misticanza di erbe aromatiche” which you can translate as a mixed salat of aromatic herbs which is simply a salad of forest flowers and herbs.  At the beginning I felt like a sheep grazing in the fields but little by little the flavor bouquet became enjoyable. Really worth trying and very popular, another colleague and I got the last two portions and disappointed several other restaurant customers.

Misticansa di Erbe

After I ordered a “batuta di Carne”, and when I asked my italian colleague if this was like a French Steak Tartare he said “no, no, no, this is a batuta di carne!”

Batuta di Carne

Since I was into forest products I did not ask for a typical Italian dessert, a portion of strawberries worked fantastically as a dessert and combined very well with the last drops of wine.

Fragole di Bosco

As usual a coffee to closed the meal, a “decafeinato” this time.


 Some days after, when trials at the customer were over, I had the possibility to go back to Verona for a walk and Lunch.  This time I was alone and decided to fool around and sit at the first table that would “call” me.

While walking I found some interesting local scenes, here a very Italian bouquet.

Arena di Verona Salumeria Verona Directions Verona Il fiume Verona

Due Vespe

 Suddenly I got the call I was looking for and entered this place:

Antica Amelia 01 Antica Amelia 02

I took a look at the menu and ordered. Before the food arrived I was proposed this appetizer: funghi e polenta, mushrooms and polenta.

Polenta e Funghi

The “primo piato” arrived, a “ravioli aperto” composed of two pasta layers, which normally are used for cannelloni, filled with goat cheese and covered with honey.  Fabulous!

Ravioli Aperto

A “tagliatta di vitello” was the main dish. Very well served with vegetables and boiled vegetables.

Tagliatta di manzo

Coffee closed the meal once more.

Caffee 02

 Walking back to the car I crossed a “gelateria”.  Normally I find in Italy ice stores which focus on ice cream but here the king was the sorbet.  Kiwi was a good choice.

SorbettiHere some links for you to have more fun!

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