Business Trip Meal, three levels of pain.

You are on a business trip and meal time comes.  Depending on the circumstances and the position of the planets the business traveler can experience three common levels of pain when it’s time to eat something.

The first level is very little to no pain; in fact this level is a pleasure level.  This level is reached when you have all your time to eat in a good restaurant at reasonable prices for a good quality and tasty food.  This can only happen if you plan your trip properly and everything goes as planned with no unlucky events.  It sounds evident right?  But I think in the future a “How to plan a Business Trip Meal” will be the subject for a post.  For the moment just be conscious that a pleasure level exists.


The second level is middle pain.  Noooooot everything went as planned, the plane was late and the choice for food at your destination was not very wide.  Little time, regular food and half an hour to get to your meeting, planets are on a bad position.  Your budget for that trip was not that high and you had to survive with a quick snack for example a cappuccino club sandwich combo, definitely Venus was not in the third house of Aquarius.


The third level is the “coffee and run” level, a painful level when your stomach craves for its meal.  Everything went wrong, you woke up late at the hotel, or the meeting was longer than expected and you have to rush to the airport, or twenty people were queuing at the rental car office when you arrived and you should be on the road since one hour.  In such cases you can only hope you have a minute left to throw a coin on a coffee machine on your run to the parking place and drink some ugly black hot water, a shot of caffeine just to raise your heart beats and keep you awake for the next trip step.


If we map a Luck-Planning curve, you need to position yourself on the good luck and good planning quadrant.  Do plan your trip and don’t forget to take your mojo [1] with you, otherwise be prepared to coffee and run.

This time only one link for you:

[1] Mojo


Mario Alvarez

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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