A table for one?

Aren’t you sometimes amazed how literal some expressions can be?  When you enter a restaurant normally it might happen that the waiter or the maître will ask you if you are alone or with other people.  This time the waiter received me  with these words: “a table for one?” And literally it was.

That one had been a busy week.  It was Thursday and I was in France again, south of Besancon visiting a customer in Boussières.  I had taken the road early in the morning, too early to be hungry for breakfast.  During a stop at one Aral fuel station on the A5 before Baden Baden I had my latte croissant awakening refuel also.  Segafredo [1] is a coffee brand you will find in many fuel stations in Germany.

Coffee and Croissant

The morning was spent working together with the customers technician, setting up a process with one of the materials  my company was promoting.  When lunch time arrived I invited Monsieur E.L.  but he told me he always had lunch at home.  “That’s a pleasure not every working people has” I told him, and then asked if he could recommend a restaurant in the area.  “Go to Le Bistro d’Olivier in Montferrand le Chateau” were his words.


Le Bistro d Olivier

Le Bistro d Olivier bBistro Olivier 01















The place was a stone building, it looked like an old farm from the parking across the street but as you walked closer some nice graphic features appeared.  Nevertheless the graphic highlight was the table I was proposed.  As written before the waiter asked if a table for one was OK and he pointed what must be the smallest table I ever sat at. But as you can judge in the picture the place was close to the window and light falling from behind would let me enjoy that business trip meal also at a visual level.

Table for one

The second question of that day was “do you want an aperitif?” followed by the affirmation “le Beaujolais nouveau est là!” the new Beaujolais[2 ] wine had arrived.  It was tasty and with nice character.

The next visual element was the paper tablecloth.  A watercolor picture of a theater mask was the illustration for the poster of the last Amateur Theater Festival at Montferrand le Chateau [3 ], how magic can life be sometimes?

The first course completed the mask image both visually and tastefully, an “entrée” with ham and “saucisson sec” dry sausage.  It was funny that the colors in the plate where the same used by the watercolorist on his mask.  The flavor was great, subtle for the ham and strong for the sausage, all that combined with some sips to my also very colorful Beaujolais.

The main course was a nice “Poulet à la sauce tomate et vin blanc avec des pommes de terre”  chicken with tomato-whitewine sauce and potatoes.  To complete your graphic impression I can say that the taste provided an honest traditional home-made feeling, just delicious.

“Fromage” belongs to the protocol.  Three different sorts of cheese were proposed.  If we think that the plate on the picture is a clock, at twelve you see the Camembert [4] at four the Comte [5] and at eitght the Tomme [6].  And what is that between one and two o’clock?  The bread.  In this case, and since theater notes are in the air I must say that the award for best supporting actor during that meal goes to that rustical baguette.  I had some Beaujolais left on the glass which I finished with a sip just to complete the picture.

It was difficult to decide how to close this meal.  The waiter listed seven different desserts.  I ordered the peach cake but somebody confused the order and I got a “crème caramel” instead, It was also a typical dessert a homemade specialty.  You can never have enough crème caramel.

This is not a commercial but “what else” can be better than an expresso as a “point final”?  This time the coffee brand was La Dame Blanche [7], I had never heard of that one.  It made a good impression to me “The White Lady” had character and a nice body.

This fantastic experience costed 16€.

As usual some usefull links for you.

[1] Segafredo coffee

[2] Le Beaujolais Nouveau

[3 ] Theater Festival at Montferrand le Chateau

[4] Camembert

[5] Comte

[6] Tomme

[7] La Dame Blanche





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