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Minibar_Business_Trip_MealEvery time I arrive to the hotel during a business trip, I enter the room and open the minibar door I think about Hugh Grant.

Inside The Actors Studio must definitely be one of my favorite TV shows.    When Mr. Grant was a guest,  James Lipton as usual asked him the questions from the Bernard Pivot questionnaire.  When he came to the specific question “ Hugh, what sound or noise do you love?” the answer was “ I love the sound of the minibar opening Pfssssshhhh!”  The next question was “what sound or noise do you hate?” and the answer was “a minibar closing”.

Hugh Grant must have very valid reasons to love the minibar content.  I do also.  Imagine the following sequence of events:  You get a quick lunch at your company’s restaurant, then you take the car and drive for one hour to reach the airport.  You check-in with your smartphone while walking from the parking lot to the luggage drop down.  You wait for about an hour and then go boarding.  You fly for two hours and land in Barcelona.  You have to wait for your luggage and then wait some more at the queue before the rental car company desk.  You reach the parking lot, get in the car and drive to the hotel.  When you have managed to find the corridor that takes from the hotel parking to the reception you can check-in.  You take the lift to your room, you look for the door with the same number of your key you push that door and then you see it, the minibar.  I don’t know about you but I drop my luggage, fall on my knees and Pfssssshhhh!  Who has the patience to wait until dinner? Thirsty and hungry (If you calculated, lunch happened more than five hours ago) of course you rush to the minibar and at least take one beer and some chips.  Don’t do it!  Don’t!  Do not turn the TV on!  Too late, you did.  The football game is on? Now you need another beer and the salty peanuts which drive to the next drink.   Ok now you recovered the control over yourself, you remembered  you have dinner with a colleague in a couple of hours an you need to be awake, let’s drink the Coke, caffeine will help later to have  a vivid discussion about the strategies for the negotiation with the customer next day.

If your colleague from the country subsidiary is nice and the local tax policies allow him he will take you to a nice restaurant for a good Business Trip Meal.  I choose Barcelona for this story so you might start dinner with a nice plate of Spanish ham as an appetizer, more likely a “Plato de Ibéricos” and some nice red wine.  Then you might take the “Paella de mariscos” and some nice white wine, as desert you might take the three balls of ice, “vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but with no whipped cream on it please”.  To close the dinner your colleague will recommend “un chupito de Orujo” a shot of Orujo liquor.  Dinner will take a couple of hours, while you eat you have to prepare the bullet points for the meeting at the customers next day.

Back at the hotel, for the second time in that evening you open the door of your room and you knee in front of the minibar, Pfssssshhhh!  It opens and you empty the bottle of sparkling  mineral water in your mouth,  you are so thirsty after that heavy dinner and after the heavy talking that you have to do the same with the bottle of flat mineral water.  It’s so difficult to sleep with a full stomach… so you think, “let’s go to bed and see a movie until I fall asleep”.  But, what is a movie with no candies or popcorn.  No popcorn in the minibar? Well, you still have that nice chocolate bar staring at you!

All the events described in this post are result of the imagination of the blogger, such a behavior could only be possible if you are like Homer Simpson.  Are you?


Mario Alvarez

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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.
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