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On regular business trips since 1998, I was lucky and unlucky to eat at the best and not the best places in The Nafta Region and Europe while on the road.

First contact with “Le Guide Michelin”

During a business trip to France , if you are welcomed at the entrance of the hotel or restaurant by this smiling face it can only mean that meal will be great. This time I had a  trip to the …

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Catalunya Candles

It’s always hard to tell to a customer “no, we will not do it”.  When you are asked to modify your products or the way you deliver them you know very difficult negotiations inside your organization will occur.  Nevertheless before …

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No deal… but what a meal!

Yes, it’s a fact, not every business trip meal precedes a deal.  Be particularly careful when you invite a potential customer and his first words at the table are “I don’t know about you but I would like to start …

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Technical support, “with Tzaziki or without Tzaziki?”

Last week a customer asked for a meeting to discuss some technical issues.  The customer has its facility in Wuppertal some 285km Nord from Mannheim where I live.  I decided to take the road around nine in the morning to …

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Inside the minibar

  Every time I arrive to the hotel during a business trip, I enter the room and open the minibar door I think about Hugh Grant. Inside The Actors Studio must definitely be one of my favorite TV shows.    When …

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Nice spontaneous french “today’s special”

My Colleague Pierre and I had to visit a customer to test one material for the fourth time in two years.  That customer was taking long before he decided to buy.  The first tryals were quite intriguing because every time …

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Espresso Machine Collection

One of the basic components of a Business Trip Meal in Europe is coffee.  At the end of each meal you will ask for a coffee and most of the time it will be an espresso you will be offered. …

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Espresso? Come on man, this is Texas!

My dear colleague Carlos and I were going after a big business.  The company we worked for was launching the product “A” to the market.  One of our customers was willing to use that product but first it had to …

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Croissant, coffee and orange juice.

How do you start a Business Trip?  Well mostly with a quick breakfast before you take the plane to somewhere.  In this case I was at the airport in Malaga, going back to Frankfurt.  I had booked a flight with …

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